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Taija Rae was one of the most popular porn babes in the mid to late 1980s. In fact, Hustler magazine referred to the Big Four as Taija, Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, and Traci Lords. Oops, regarding the later mention! Although some may not place Taija in such lofty company, it is clear she was one of the most sought after porn performer from her entry into adult films in 1983 thru her retirement from the fuck business in 1993. Taija Rae, originally from Pennsylvania, really hit her stride in 1986 when began flying to the West Coast to work in adult movies, lost some weight, and dyed her hair blonde. Prior to moving west, the 5'5" Taija made the rounds in the New York porn circuit, shooting a couple movies on the same weekend for such legendary porn directors as Chuck Vincent and Henry Pichard. By 1988, Taija moved to Los Angeles full-time and her adult career took off as she wound up making over 170 adult movies due in large part to the explosion of the video era of adult entertainment.

Taija Rae squirms on the bed in blue leather and lace:

Taija Rae pats her chest    Taija Rae covers her boobs    Taija Rae opens her leather top    Taija Rae lays down on the bed    Taija Rae grabs pearls around her neck    Taija Rae leans into the camera    Taija Rae sits up in the bed

Taija Rae strips for porn stud Tom Byron:

Taija Rae shakes hands with Tom Byron    Taija Rae cups her boobs for Tom Byron    Taija Rae takes off her top for Tom Byron    Taija Rae dances for Tom Byron    Taija Rae leans forward at Tom Byron    Taija Rae looks away from Tom Byron    Taija Rae is ignored by Tom Byron

Taija Rae masturbates on a flowery bed spread:

Taija Rae lifts a leg to display her pussy    Taija Rae sits naked on a dresser drawers    Taija Rae topless on her knees on the bed    Taija Rae on her back lifting her legs in the air    Taija Rae spreads her legs open wide    Taija Rae fingers her pussy    Taija Rae spreads her pussy lips

Taija Rae displays the art of sucking cock:

Taija Rae kisses the tip of a cock    Taija Rae undresses for her blowjob    Taija Rae wraps her hand around a cock    Taija Rae puts the tip of a dick in her mouth    Taija Rae licks a paif of balls    Taija Rae admires a stiff penis    Taija Rae jacks off a cock

Taija Rae takes a bubble bath photos shoot in the October 1991 edition of Video News magazine:

Taija Rae lays slumps down in her bath    Taija Rae holds her legs above the water    Taija Rae relaxes touching her pussy    Taija Rae is covered by bubbles    Taija Rae sits on the bath ledge    Taija Rae sits with her back against the bath wall    Taija Rae stretches after her bubble bath

Taija Rae has sex with her date in her living room and a red chair:

Taija Rae sites on top of an erect cock    Taija Rae gives her date a blowjob    Taija Rae takes it from behind from her date    Taija Rae does reverse cowgirl on a chair    Taija Rae leans back on top of cock    Taija Rae plays with her clit when taking cock    Taija Rae climbs aboard a big cock

Taija Rae masturbates on the couch in pink lingerie:

Taija Rae takes a puff of a cigarette    Taija Rae starts to take off her pink lingerie    Taija Rae in a sexy pink outfit    Taija Rae pulls pink lingerie down to her ass    Taija Rae shows her pink pussy and pink lingerie    Taija Rae slips out of her pink lingerie    Taija Rae spreads her pink pussy lips wide apart

Taija Rae in black metallic jacket and matching boots:

Taija Rae curls up in bed    Taija Rae hides her head in the dog position    Taija Rae crosses her legs    Taija Rae keeps her jacket on when masturbating    Taija Rae goes to bed wearing a black jacket    Taija Rae shows off her black metallic jacket    Taija Rae bends her knees when touching her tit

Taija Rae photo shoot for the February 1987 edition of High Society magazine:

Taija Rae tilts her head to the side    Taija Rae intro for High Society magazine    Taija Rae mug shot for photo shoot    Taija Rae washes a car topless    Taija Rae lays out by the pool    Taija Rae lays on the wood floor sideways    Taija Rae wearing black on a black couch

Taija Rae snapshots from movies featuring her performances:

Taija Rae snapshots from Secret Mistress    Taija Rae snapshots from Exposure    Taija Rae snapshots from Hostage Girls    Taija Rae snapshots from Inner Blues    Taija Rae snapshots from Jailhouse Girls    Taija Rae snapshots from Motel Sweets    Taija Rae snapshots from Raw Talent

Taija Rae snapshots from Ex Connection    Taija Rae snapshots from Tickled Pink    Taija Rae snapshots from Wet Dreams    Taija Rae snapshots from Campus Cuties    Taija Rae snapshots from Candy Stripers 2    Taija Rai snapshots from Dangerous Stuff    Taija Rae snapshots from Eaten Alive

Taija Rae on the cover of leading men's adult magazine:

Taija Rae on the cover of Cinema Blue magazine    Taija Rae on the October 1986 cover of Swank    Taija Rae on the Feb 1987 cover of Hustler    Taija Rae on the March 1986 cover of Juggs    Taija Rae on the July 1988 cover of Hustler    Taija Rae on the cover of Adult Cinema magazine    Taija Rae on the Oct 1989 cover of Swank

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